Side Project: Barreling Forward. Yeah, That’s a Pun.

Daniel Cook - September 16, 2014

A few weeks ago, Big Boss was cool enough to let us use their brewery to shoot some video for my band, New Reveille. This is the first song of the batch, “Heavy Hands,” written by my friend George Hage.

The idea behind #SoundOffSessions is a series of quick-and-easy shoots with stupid-fast edits. We’ve tried to take the fact that we’re pressed for time and resources and use it to our advantage—even turn it into an aesthetic.

Alysse and Spike did a great job shooting this, especially given the time constraints and the fact that it was probably over a hundred degrees in the brewery with all the lights we had. Editing-wise, I got it done in a little over an hour, and this is where we landed…

Most of the “planning” was done on the fly by Alysse and Spike, though I did send my bandmates a color palette for choosing wardrobe, something I’ll never live down, by the way. My shirt is “Hillsmere,” which I call light green. So it wasn’t entirely impromptu. But I didn’t tell you that.

The editing is a little rough, but that’s the art in it—like slingin’ paint on a canvas from 10 feet away—is how I’m rationalizing it, anyway. I’ve learned over time that sometimes I’ve gotta part with perfectionism in order to move forward.