Cinematography in Game of Thrones: The Gift

Alysse Campbell - May 26, 2015

I’m gonna say it — this season of Game of Thrones has been weak.

Though important storylines are developing, the episodes have felt light. Luckily, Sunday’s episode totally redeemed itself! Aside from the typical gratuitous sex and sexual assault themes, “The Gift” was packed with critical plot developments, top-notch acting, and cinematography that told the story as well as the writing. My favorite shots are below. (Minimal spoilers! Story-lines kept general.)

 Daenerys in Bed

Daenerys in bed with her side piece.


Although Dany is in talks with a potential husband, here she is in bed with her side piece, Dario. He thinks his charm and beautiful arms will make him king, but the cinematographer knows better. By emphasizing the empty space in the bed, you recognize that he will never be her husband. He’s half out of frame, representing his lack of importance. He may dominate in the bedroom, but she won’t marry him. She needs a husband with higher status.

The High Sparrow’s True Intentions

The High Sparrow, played by Jonathan Pryce.
Here we have the High Sparrow in an empty hall. Now this guy is shady. Neither the audience nor characters know whether he’s willing to bend his religious beliefs to help the kingdom. This includes Lady Olenna Tyrell, who tries to bribe him after a witty exchange. (Shout out to a damn beautiful scene between these two actors! I’d pay good money to see the two of them act out the entire GOT series.) Ultimately, the High Sparrow does not take the bait, and this extreme wide shot shows his true intentions: He is not going to bend. He is merely a pawn of the gods, a man of little importance in this shot, and in the grand scheme of life.

Tommen Stands Up for Himself

Will Tommen finally stand up for himself?


After an unfortunate series of events, Tommen is PISSED. In this shot, you recognize how divided he has become from his mother. They are on opposite sides of the table, separated mentally and physically. What is truly separating them? Take notice of the phallic lamp; dude is growing up and ready to make decisions with his lower half.

Cersei Understands Her Fate



One of my favorite moments came from Cersei realizing what was happening to her. Choosing to stay on her face for the big reveal allowed the audience to see the exact moment it all clicked. By not cutting away, the tension builds and we’re left on the edge of our seats.
What was your favorite shot of the episode? And are y’all finally ready for engaging episodes to wrap up the season?!