Creative Video Frameworks and Remote Production Options

Jedidiah Gant - April 28, 2020

Limitations ignite creativity. That’s truer now than ever before. COVID-19 restrictions have each of us confined to our own boxes. But the necessity of physical distance offers a creative challenge: Can you harness these new constraints to your advantage? We believe you can. While filming with large crews is not possible at the moment, there are still ways to create videos that are colorful, captivating and surprising.

We’ve outlined a few creative video frameworks that offer several ways of thinking about how we create content during COVID. There are a several options here, but don’t see them as definitive. See them as options to be considered and combined to represent your tone during this remote reality.


Conversational Stories

Physical distancing has altered standards for what makes quality images. Laptop cameras and web conferencing software have a way of doing that. In turn, some interesting advantages have emerged. For one, you can film anyone no matter where they are. Read and watch more about the Conversational Stories framework.




Screenside Chats

Your trusted expert explains it all directly to the audience. Supported by footage and graphical illustrations, screenside chats are like virtual TED Talks that help us understand big ideas in new, engaging ways. Read and watch more about the Screenside Chats framework.





There’s a story to be told where your organization’s purpose meets the outside world. Why does your company exist? What societal challenge does it intend to solve? Who are the scientists, engineers or other changemakers leading the fight? Read and watch more about the Documentary framework.





Using carefully-curated footage from our vault, found footage or stock libraries, this approach is a contemporary workhorse. Since no shooting is required, it’s a time-efficient, cost-effective method to consider. Read and watch more about the Montage framework.





Animation is often the most flexible way to convey your message, especially when depicting abstract or complicated ideas. It gives us free reign over every pixel, allowing endless possibilities and ultimate quality control. Read and watch more about the Animation framework.





Tabletop videos are an eye-catching, colorful way to bring stories to life in a tactile form. Think puzzles, Rube Goldberg machines, stop motion. These videos sometimes use a metaphor to break down complex ideas. Read and watch more about the Tabletop framework.





Each of our creative video frameworks has its own visual style and components, but combining aspects can create video hybrids that expand the tone and storytelling for your brand. Think of these hybrids as a bespoke puzzle that fits the needs for your video’s narrative. Read and watch more about the Hybrid framework.