Film School Friday – The Art of the C-Stand

Spike Hoban - February 17, 2015

Every so often on a Friday at 4pm, we assemble to learn about a topic centered around the world of video production. Also to drink a beer… or a shot of Maker’s… or both.

5M8A1537  5M8A1580 Here Marisa is visibly upset; she has neither a beer nor a shot of Maker’s.

“Where is my beer!? I want my beer!” – Marisa

What could possibly make this beer, whiskey, and education combo any better?


Sharp objects, of course! Arrow Haircuts graciously hosted our latest Film School Friday, while Myriad’s DP Fiddy Kent taught us the ins and outs of the infinitely useful/frustrating C-Stand.


“This is the church…”


“…this is the steeple…”


“…open the doors…”


“…alright look guys it’s just a C-Stand.” – Fiddy

Check out our guide below. Thanks to Ryan for the photos.

FSF-The Art of the C-Stand