How to Catch Fire: Reimagining Shareable Video Content in the Remote Work Era

Jedidiah Gant - July 6, 2020

Creativity loves a challenge.

It’s a brave new world out there. Health precautions around COVID-19 have fundamentally shifted the way we make video— but not why we make video.

All great art starts with a circumstance— in fact, creativity works BEST under limitations. So we think of video production in 2020 less like a limitation and more like an opportunity. Video is our craft and we expect to hold up standards of excellence even though we’re in the midst of pandemic. We’ve been in constant research mode and culled a variety of creative ideas that are remote friendly.

We’ve put our brain power into 3 key video formats that can help tell your story in a way that’s completely safe, resonates with real humans, and is uniquely of its time.

We believe that catching fire is perfect way to be thinking about creating videos. So what is fire in this context? It is the emotional connection to your story, brand or offering. That emotion, that fire, is how we believe you build trust no matter where you are in the funnel. Each of these frameworks generally work at a specific level, but they are flexible. There’s never been a better time to connect with each other— and we’re here to make that happen.

The Spark – Videos Designed to Inspire

Our first video framework is called The Spark. These videos focus on quickly igniting inspiration within your audience and sow the seeds of trust. They do so through simple fundamental truths that connect emotionally. They are real, authentic, human and simple; things that make the audience feel something deep inside and then act. Read more…


The Steady Flame – Videos Designed to Engage

Our second video framework is called The Steady Flame. This is about continually engaging your audience with value in the form of entertainment. These videos surprise, delight, and make your audience laugh, which keeps them sharing. These videos answers the “HOW” questions your audience may have. Read more…


The Torch – Videos Designed to Empower

Our third video framework is The Torch. This video content first and foremost informs or teaches your audience about something. That doesn’t mean it can’t be funny, engaging or entertaining—it just means there’s a clarity about the way the information is organized. Read more…

Need more inspiration for impactful, COVID-friendly videos? Check out our series of Creative Video Frameworks.