Who Should You Hire To Shoot Your Video?

Former Staff - May 29, 2018

“When you are ready to sit down and get to work on a project and you want to move your audience—that skill is very, very valuable because they are gonna know how to tell the truth of what you’re offering in a very creative way.”

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On today’s episode, Director of Business Development Jeremy Wingle sits down with Co-Founder and President Will Feichter to discuss the options marketing teams should consider when creating video content from freelancers to agencies of all varieties.

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Recording Engineers: Hillary Scott & Melissa Douglas

Editor: Melissa Douglas

Producer: Hillary Scott

This article was written by former Myriad Business Development Manager Jeremy Wingle.



JEREMY: How is the going Will?

WILL: It’s going very well. At this time and place, it actually is morning, so I will say good morning.

JEREMY: Okay, good morning listeners.

WILL: It’s morning somewhere.

JEREMY: Exactly, it’s also 4:00 somewhere, so if you’re having a cocktail that’s cool, if you’re having a coffee that’s cool too.

WILL: Well done.

JEREMY: Today we’re going to talk about choices that marketers, CMOs marketing directors have when they’re creating videos. Will, you’ve worked in creative video production for 25 or so years give or take, I’m sure you’ve seen some trends come and go, what are you seeing out there?