How Does Video Fit Into Your Business Strategy?

Former Staff - April 6, 2018

“Ultimately whatever we do, it must bring value to the clients that we are working with, and it must accomplish the objectives that move the organization forward, and that’s really what we’re talking about.”

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On today’s episode, Director of Business Development Jeremy Wingle sits down with President Will Feichter to discuss the importance of clearly identifying business objectives that lead to value-driven content creation.

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This article was written by former Myriad Business Development Manager Jeremy Wingle.



JEREMY: What’s up, Will? How are you?

WILL: I’m fantastic. It’s been a good week here at Myriad Media.

JEREMY: Cool. Well, last time we talked about creativity, which was a fun conversation. Today, we’re getting down to business. So today we’re going to talk about how achieving business objectives is important to consider when you’re creating content. So people come to us to achieve a business objective, right?

We’re doing primarily marketing work, so it’s not just about creating something fun and cool and engaging just for the sake of artistic expression, but we’re here to create a result or an outcome for their business. So how do we get into that? How do we start to uncover what those business objectives for our clients would be?

“Achieving business objectives is not the enemy of great creative ideas. It’s the reason for it.”