Hyper Island Reflections

Alysse Campbell - April 10, 2015


“So… can you tell us what exactly we’ll be doing for the next three days?”

It was a straightforward question that everyone in the room seemed to be thinking. Will and I were in Vancouver for the Hyper Island Master Class, a self-proclaimed “intensive learning experience that will challenge your thinking and perception on the influence and possibilities within digital media.”

Looking back, it’s hard to express all the knowledge and inspiration that I gained from this course. More than anything, it shifted my thinking forward: What is the future of media? Though equipment and technology have revolutionized media, video at its core has remained the same. It’s about telling a great story. But technology is becoming more affordable and accessible. How can we merge video, design, and technology to shape the future, rather than simply react to it?


4 Key Takeaways from Hyper Island:

1. Trajectory Thinking: What’s Next?

If you’re only thinking about today, you’re already behind. While creating goals and plans for business, think about what’s next. At Myriad, we can make a kick-ass video in our sleep. But what about other types of media? How will we respond if a non-video project lights a fire under our staff?

2. Embrace change! Embrace the future!

The future is fun! The possibilities are endless. If you get inspired, create something. In business, give small groups the opportunity to focus on quick sprint projects and see what happens. Allow room for innovation and play. Good things will happen.

3. Friction Points for Real People

Start with a problem. What are you trying to solve? Rather than trying to create the next big thing, start small and identify a friction point that can be improved upon. Then, think about your user as a real person. What do they want to gain from this experience, and how can you help them?

4. Test, Reflect, Adjust, Repeat

When playing with new technology and ideas, the most important thing is iteration. Test a project, and then step back. What worked? What didn’t? Adjust your plan and try again. Success is not defined by creating the next big thing, it’s about learning and growing. Keep your eyes open for inspiration and just fucking do it.