“Morris” – A Campsite Expedition

Will Feichter - October 2, 2014

A few years back, I was in the habit of walking to and from the office each day. With my trusty iPod Classic as a sort of digital truth-spitting sage, those 22-minute jaunts were perfect moments to experience the ideas, wisdom and artistry of others.

One of the unforgettables was a Raleigh-based hip hop artist sporting the ballsy moniker King Mez. I can’t recall who tipped me off to Mez’s 2010 drop The Paraplegics, but I am glad they did. Mez’s voice was powerful and full of verve. Mixed with the high-def beats of his pal Commish, the rhymes almost slid into my ear.

It seemed the audacious tag was justified, and I listened on repeat. I never forgot Mez, Commish, and the stories told in tunes like my favorite track, “The Light.” That’s just one reason it’s with great pride we pop the top on this video.

“Morris” is Myriad Media’s first Campsite Expedition and is really the love child of Myriad Media co-workers Kent Willard and Scott Gaston (dems my boys.) There is no way to justly provide these fellas proper credit for their work, so I won’t clumsily try to do so. I sure wish there were, because they deserve the highest praise possible for bringing the idea and high heat to get it done!

Hats should also be doffed to producer Shawn Lamons (lady is swag), DP Kyle Messina (lil’ puppy got big paws) and a host of amazingly talented and passionate collaborators such as Matt Hedt, Gray McClamrock, Holt Menzies, Brett Abramsky, Sam Kim, Matt Carter, and Brian Korff.

Big love, appreciation, and pride to these folks and certainly to Mez, too. Myriad Media could not be more proud!