Our Inspiration: ‘I Spy’ + Spike

Spike Hoban - August 1, 2019


Down the street from my childhood home was a Borders bookstore, with an entire rack of kids books dedicated to science and math. I’d sit for hours—or as long as my parents would let me—looking at Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections, Klutz books (remember the Lego Chain Reactions one?) and my all-time favorite, the I Spy series by Walter Wick.



Sure, finding the hidden objects was fun. But I always marveled at the construction of the sets, so tangible they came alive on the page. I would imagine the toy cars making their way around the tracks, or the Rube Goldberg machine going through its chain of reactions and eventually popping the balloon with a sharp pencil.



Fast-forward to today and I’m starting to understand how much of an impact these moments had on my career. Though it wasn’t obvious at the time, everything I learned from Walter Wick’s meticulously constructed sets eventually became useful. Today, I’m lucky enough to build intricate tabletop video sets for big-name brands like BASF and IBM Design

Turns out I’m just a 30 year-old version of that same kid sitting in the back of a Borders bookstore.