Bringing a Sense of Play to Creative Development

Former Staff - March 22, 2018

“Everything I speak of — everything I do — everything I think of — is basically a sum of past experiences, and I can’t claim that something I create is 100% mine. That would be cocky.”

Show Notes

On today’s episode, Director of Business Development, Jeremy Wingle sits down with President, Will Feichter and two members of our creative team, Brent Edwards, and Max Zampieri to discuss the driving forces behind creativity, originality in video, and its impact on the audience.

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Recording Engineer: Chris Young

Editor: Meredith Schmidt

Producers: Hillary Scott & Jedidiah Gant

This article was written by former Myriad Business Development Manager Jeremy Wingle.



JEREMY: Brent, why don’t you start us off and tell us a little bit about yourself and when you first realized you were creative.

BRENT: That’s a great question. First, I’d like to say welcome to this podcast. We’re sponsored by Mack Weldon, Casper. We’re also sponsored by Leesa Mattresses. Basically any mattress you can think of, let’s just go ahead and throw that out there. Promo code Brent, promo code Max, both of those will work.