Social Good: Activate Good partnership

Former Staff - November 19, 2013

Here is a video we made in partnership with Activate Good, an organization that pairs volunteers with causes in the Triangle community. Since Raleigh City Farm just celebrated its first birthday, a crew of nine Myriad folks chose to create a piece that could be used by the farm for promotion. Headquartered at the intersection of Franklin and Blount Streets, Raleigh City Farm is dedicated to transforming unexpected downtown spaces into nourishing farmland.

The chronic diseases that now kill most of us (coronory heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer) can be traced to the industrialization of our food. The rise of highly processed food and refined grains, the use of chemicals to raise plants and animals, the superabundance of cheap calories… and the narrowing of the human diet to a tiny handful of staple crops, notably corn, wheat, and soy. —Michael Pollan

According to Raleigh City Farm, the organization is working to dismantle the broken system that dominates today, and to endow human beings with their former power to know what real food looks like, where to find it, and even how to call it up out of the ground themselves. They are doing this though the surprisingly simple act of responsibly growing lots of real food, locally.

We spent two days shooting a whopping twenty volunteers—everyone from strategic planners to farmers, from middle-school volunteers to Elvin Birth, a neighbor in his 80s who turns compost for the farm each day. The community spirit was the best part of the project, and all the reward needed to get this video out the door.

You can read more about Activate Good and the project on their blog, located here.

This article was written by former Myriad Creative Strategist Tina Haver Currin.