Tea Time with Alex: Our First Original Series

Alysse Campbell - March 6, 2017

Introducing “Tea Time with Alex:” the first original series from Wildcard, a creative business collective within Myriad Media. Tea Time seeks to inform both LGBT allies and the greater community on Transgender topics.

Myriad Media is based in Raleigh, NC — ground zero for laws like HB2 that challenge LGBT rights. We believe this legislation comes from a lack of understanding and misinformation. Tea Time hopes to challenge ignorant assumptions and empower individuals to educate themselves in a safe, judgement free environment.

Alex, our fearless host (and Myriad Media’s Accountant), communicates in a sassy, hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking tone. Each episode features questions from our viewers that range from gender identity and sexual orientation to Trans hate crimes.

The ultimate goal of Tea Time is to educate allies and spread the message of understanding, inclusion and acceptance.

We’ll be releasing all 10 episodes throughout March. Grab a cup of tea and follow along!