The Art of Making

Malia Campbell - November 20, 2012

Our team recently watched a video that nearly everyone found visually stunning and worthy of discussion. “The Art of Making, Alma Flamenco” is a beautiful, three-minute story of the many hours— 299, to be exact—and level of detail that go into making flamenco guitars. The thought and vision behind each shot are clearly evident, resulting in a beautifully composed piece. Subtle and elegant graphics add sophistication to the video without detracting from the message; however, as fans of the “less is more” principle, many of us felt that fewer graphics could have produced the same effect.

The video truly captured the delicacy and art of flamenco. Although we found the ending of the video to be a bit abrupt, we were still inspired by the warmth of the videography and the craft of custom guitar making. We are eagerly anticipating more pieces in this series – our hats off to you, Dimitris!

Check out the video: