The Spark – Videos Designed to Inspire

Jedidiah Gant - July 2, 2020


Our first video framework is called The Spark. These videos focus on quickly igniting inspiration within your audience and sow the seeds of trust. They do so through simple fundamental truths that connect emotionally. They are real, authentic, human and simple; things that make the audience feel something deep inside and then act.

It’s your stake in the ground. This kind of content ignites an emotion in your consumer, and is sometimes referred to as “The Hero Video.” It’s most useful when a brand has something defining to say about itself or its audience. It often tells a universal story— one that taps into key parts of the human experience as it relates to your business.

These work best when they’re authentic, emotive, and simple. Nailing the emotional truth about the value of your business both clarifies, and strengthens you as a brand.

What could a spark look like?

These are a few types of remote-production friendly video frameworks that work well within The Spark format.

Animation – Animations have been used for over a century to tell universal stories. They’re especially helpful for humanizing an abstract or complicated idea. The format gives us free reign over every pixel, allowing endless possibilities and ultimate quality control.

Documentary – Documentaries offer a great way of telling your story with an emotional touch. It can be done with a combination of voice over, found footage, webcam interviews, animation, and music. In some cases, we can even ship gear to people at their homes.

Mixed Media – The flexibility of this format is key to creating an emotional connection. We can mix animation, interviews, and tabletop; whatever fits your story’s narrative. Post production is a key to keep the video inspirational and emotional.


Here are a few videos that spark excitement and speak emotional, fundamental truths to an audience.


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