The Steady Flame – Videos Designed to Engage

Jedidiah Gant - July 6, 2020


Our second video framework is called The Steady Flame. This is about continually engaging your audience with value in the form of entertainment. These videos surprise, delight, and make your audience laugh, which keeps them sharing. These videos answers the “HOW” questions your audience may have. They work best as a series, or evergreen idea, which is just a fancy word that means your audience keeps coming back for more.

Videos like this are useful because they can change over time— often commenting on current events or shifting focus depending on what your brand needs to address now. This is the kind of content people get to know over time— think of it as a series of dates with your brand’s personality.

What could a flame look like?

Conversational Stories – Physical distancing has altered standards for what makes quality images. Today, it’s more important to have engaging conversation and delightful stories that match your brand’s personality.

Screenside Chats – Your trusted expert explains it all directly to the audience. Supported by footage and graphical illustrations, screenside chats are like virtual TED Talks that help answer your customer’s biggest “HOW” questions.

Mixed Media – Switching up formats will keep your video fresh, surprising and fun. This format is part animation, part documentary, and part conversational story. When your audience is looking for a straightforward answer, let’s excite them with something informative and memorable.

Here are a few videos that surprise and engage audiences while answering their “HOW” questions.


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