The Torch – Videos Designed to Empower

Jedidiah Gant - July 6, 2020


Our third video framework is The Torch which is best for informing or teaching your audience. That doesn’t mean it can’t be funny, engaging or entertaining—it just means there’s a clarity about the way the information is organized.

The Torch is really a metaphor about empowerment. Your audience is about to make a decision, and they need to understand that your product or service will solve their problem. If what you’re providing is the right solution, this video should make them feel empowered to make that decision.

These videos are used for things like product tutorials, use case videos, how-to content, or customer service. Think of it as the user manual for your business, but much much much cooler. You aren’t trying to explain every little use case. You simply want them to pick up the torch and carry it into their organization.

What could a torch look like?

Tabletop – Tabletop videos are an eye-catching, colorful way to bring stories to life in a tactile form. Think puzzles, Rube Goldberg machines, stop motion. Using metaphors to break down and teach complex ideas, these videos are fun and educational.

Animation – This is often the most flexible way to convey your message, especially when depicting abstract or complicated ideas. It’s the perfect format for an explainer or demo video.

Conversational Stories – Think of this format like a virtual TED talk or Late Night show, where a trusted host empowers an audience with information. Add in some thoughtful graphics and b-roll and the audience will quickly understand big ideas in new, engaging ways.

Screenside Chats – This is a great format to humanize an offering and empower your audience. Because physical distancing has altered standards for what makes quality images, we can showcase experts from anywhere in the world.


Here are videos that will teach your audience and empower them to make a decision.


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