When Fueled by Passion, Original Content is Anything But Generic — It’s Powerful & Engaging

Jedidiah Gant - May 15, 2018

“But at Myriad, we tend to think about things a little differently. So for us, it’s really important to think of this original content less from a revenue and profits perspective. We don’t want our employees to just be thinking in this box. Shoot for the stars, man. What do you got?”

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On today’s episode, Media Strategist Jedidiah Gant sits down with Business Strategist Alysse Campbell to discuss the market opportunity for agencies and brands to use their talented team to create compelling original content.

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JED: Welcome, Alysse. It’s great to have you here to talk about the state of original content, and what I’m really excited about today is to talk about original content and what you’re up to. I know that we were joking earlier that we’re both strategists here at Myriad, and so I believe this is going to be the most strategic conversation of all time, and we’re probably going to hit a lot of buzzwords and shit, so-

ALYSSE: Oh yeah, innovation, authenticity, strategery.

JED: Strategery. But yeah, before we jump into the buzzwords, I’d love to hear a little bit more about your background and how you landed here at Myriad.

ALYSSE: So, my background is focused in film, and it really wasn’t until Myriad that I shifted towards this business strategy and innovation role. Buzzword #1. I got my start in video by just making music videos. I would always when I would see, I would listen to music, I would always just see videos in my head and just thought that was normal. But apparently when I was talking to my mom and she said that was not normal, and kind of pushed me towards doing this film route.

So, I started doing that and then worked in reality TV for a while, just kind of churning out series in post-production, which was great, but I quickly hopped over to Myriad and grew into my strategy role. And so for the last few years, I’ve been building out our innovation initiative, which is called Wildcard, and it’s all about using our passions to create revenue-generating projects, and creating original content is a big part of that.

JED: Yeah, it’s funny. We were talking before the podcast about you going to see Fleet Foxes tonight, so I’m really interested in what music videos you see in your head as you’re seeing Fleet Foxes out at the amphitheater tonight.

But we’re going to jump a bit deeper into your role here at Myriad later, and some of the original content that you guys are producing. But first, I’d love to talk a little bit about the state of original content right now. And so for the purpose of framing this conversation, can you define what original content is for us?