Wellness with Humble Health

Malia Campbell - May 15, 2017

Greetings! As Director of Employee Engagement at Myriad Media, I spend my days ensuring that our culture, people, organizational design and company strategy are all strengthening one another in a unique way. I want to make sure the folks at Myriad are motivated, inspired, celebrated and supported and that we work collectively to move Myriad forward. I love my job. It’s a role and department I have been designing for a couple of years now. I try to blend progressive business tactics with my own passions and interests so that I myself can be engaged and impactful.

Cooking and psychology (particularly cognitive and clinical) are two of my biggest passions. Over the past three years or so, that has gradually blended into a new area of interest — nutrition.

When Myriad launched Wildcard, an initiative to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in each of our employees, I hoped this would become an opportunity to explore a new spectrum of my HR practice.

At the Galileo Games last year, I pitched an idea for a business called Humble Health. I saw potential in the HR technology marketplace to improve employee engagement through nutritional education.

When we are feeling good – both mentally and physically, our ability to be engaged in any aspect of life is enhanced. Additionally, emerging neuroscience and nutrition research is promoting the correlation between food and brain functionality. Food also naturally and historically brings people together. I saw Humble Health as a platform that would give life both to the individual user as well as a sense of connection to their surrounding team.

I was granted company time to explore my idea for Humble Health. I developed an MVP business model, a web platform, and video content. I explored aspects of nutrition, psychology, the HR tech marketplace, business canvas models, user interface design, web development, producing, directing, animation and more. I’m so proud of what we accomplished.

(Above: Screen grab of some initial wireframes)

Many years ago when I worked in marketing and business development at Myriad, I was more heavily involved in the creative development of our video work. In HR, that has changed. I help find and hire people who are great at what they do and then I excitedly peer over their shoulders to see what they are crafting on-set or on-screen.

During the Humble Health sprint, it was so rewarding to be a part of the action again. This time I had an opportunity to lead it. To experience the creative development and execution of something tangible in partnership with my fellow teammates. They were patient and supportive with the new role I was playing and they came together to produce a video that brought me to tears when I watched the first draft. Having an idea is one thing, but having a group of people to help you bring it to life is completely different. Now I know how our clients feel! Not all of them cry when we share drafts…but some have. I won’t name names.

(Above: Getting back into the good ol’ days of my branding and marketing research roles)

Learning about new fields of interest and partnering with a different group of people at Myriad is what helped keep this Director of Employee Engagement engaged last year. I would encourage you to seek out teams that you don’t typically get to work with in hopes of learning new perspectives, preferences, motivations, and areas of expertise. I guarantee there are people at your organization who will inspire you the way my teammates inspired me. Take what you learn, apply it to your work, and create an authentic role at your organization you are proud of.

I’ll share more detail about the process we went through to produce the MVP and what the future of Humble Health looks like in a future post. For now, I hope you enjoy our first Humble Health video about Folate.