Jedidiah Gant

Brand Director

About Jedidiah

Put Marshall McLuhan and Rem Koolhaas into a blender. The result is the future.

Jed is known to use puns too often, but he’s working on scaling that back in a major way. As a teenager, he won several skating rink limbo contests and a “Best Hair” award at an ’80s night. Jed hosts dance parties with his wife and kids in their living room to Daft Punk, the Ramones, and Prince. Jed has an excessive record collection that is in alphabetical order, and he finds humor in the musician sandwiches on his shelves (e.g. Radiohead in between R.E.M. and Rage Against the Machine and Al Green in between Green Day and the Grease Soundtrack). Jed can be seen in sunglasses and headphones walking around the streets of downtown Raleigh, typically listening to a podcast on media or design. He’s always looking for a new pinball machine to play and itching for a fierce game of ping pong.

Jed holds a degree in Architecture along with a Master’s in New Media, which proves for an eclectic collection of Twitter timelines on his computer screens. In his spare time, Jed reads design and media theory by McLuhan and Koolhaas, pretending to understand it all. He tries to read the New York Times each Sunday but always ends playing catch-up later in the month. Jed is fascinated by cities, specifically how to interweave media and the urban landscape. He’s interested in community, constellations, civic engagement, rhizome networks, Banksy, and the next wave of technology. Urban-based projects Jed has worked on include the obsessive news source New Raleigh, Cooke Street Carnival community street festival, urban-art catalyst Raleigh Murals Project, disaster community fundraiser Rally + Relief, and creative urban art foundation Flight. As an Anglophile, Jed enjoys British humor and regularly drops English words that are nested in his vocabulary from his short stint living in London. Cheers, mate!