Malia Campbell

Director of Employee Engagement

About Malia

Ginger Ale? More like the Holy Grail.

Malia has many quests in life. After joining Myriad in 2011, her main quest has been to strengthen and grow the company, both externally (from a marketing and business development standpoint) and internally, from a cultural standpoint.

In life, her quest is to find the ultimate bottle of ginger ale. It must have the ideal ratio of spiciness, sweetness, and sass. She has traveled to Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia (not in search of the ginger ale, but that isn’t a bad idea). She has lived in Spain, and Sweden tops the list of next places she would like to call home.

The first six years of her career focused on sales, marketing, branding, and business development. Over time, the ISFJ in her realized that she is most passionate about helping her internal team grow and develop. These days, she focuses her efforts on Human Resources and could not be more in love with or inspired by her job. She works hard to craft an HR department at Myriad that is unique to our people, culture and ever-evolving business needs. Cognitive psychology and craft cocktail recipes make her heart flutter and she tends to research both spectrums at the office on any given day.