Sean Riddle


About Sean

Originally from Southern California, Sean moved to Raleigh In 2014 with his wife, daughter, and two pugs. According to his six-year-old daughter, Sean is 11 feet tall and weighs 1000 pounds (close). She claims his favorite sport is EVERYTHING (Football), his favorite color is pink (blue), his favorite movie is Finding Dory (Goodfellas), his favorite drink is Beer (true), and she’s adamant that his favorite fun thing to do is play with her (also true… amongst other things).

While living in Los Angeles, Sean worked as a Production Coordinator on various TV shows (some good, some really really bad), including a 7 year stint as the Production Coordinator on The West Wing (which is good). After leaving the TV industry he worked at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in Orange County, CA, overseeing the undergrad-level film production.

During his spare time, he enjoys his family’s life in Raleigh, be it a weekend at the beach or in the mountains, a fall spent gorging himself on college football, and yes, even playing with his daughter (it is his absolute most favorite thing, after all).