Tony Cope

Partner, Director

About Tony

Hackysack usually leads to company start-ups

Tony’s hobby is making beer. It has taken over his weekends, as well as a good bit of his house. He loves finding out how all the different ingredients come together, and always ends up with beers to share. Tony has made several batches for Myriad to give away to friends, so if you want a few, please ask! He has also started making some pretty good dog biscuits out of the mash, so ask for those as well.

Tony has a wife and two teenage daughters… even his dog is a girl. His world is purple and pink and full of strange boys, drama, and wrecked cars. Susan has stayed married to Tony for over 21 years, which he finds amazing, but also a little hard to believe.

Around the time Tony and Susan got married, Tony started Myriad Media along with Will and their good friend Alan. The three routinely found themselves drinking a few beers and playing hackysack. Of course, everyone knows that hackysack usually leads to company start-ups, but they were oblivious, and therefore very startled to find themselves in business together. It worked!

The trio tried playing hackysack the other day, and they weren’t very good. But they still drink beers. And now, there are over 20 people at Myriad. Tony truly loves his expanding office family. He loves working here, and is so humbled by those who have chosen to share time with him. He’s even more blown away by his family at home, and the fun and love he has there. Tony doesn’t know what incredible things he did in past lives to earn such rewards, but he plans on soaking it up and enjoying every day he has here.

Please feel free to stop by Myriad. Tony will share a home brew with you, and maybe we can get a game of hackysack started!