Will Feichter

Partner, President

About Will

There's nothing quite like the fine art of a smoothly cut lawn.

Will lives to do big, good things with folks he cares about. Family, co-workers or clients; it doesn’t matter. Nothing speaks to who he hopes to be more than that single sentiment.

Will’s day job at Myriad Media is guiding the strategic direction of the company. It’s his priority to ensure that direction is in concert with excellent client service and great creative work.

Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Will was his dad’s best “step-n-fetch it.” Until the day his dad passed away, the two always called each other “Jack.” Kinda quaint given his name was Rex. It was under his tutelage that Will learned:

• The fine art of a smoothly cut lawn.
• How hard work forms muscles physical and mental.
• That just because Mr. Bond, the older gentleman whose car Will waxed, can’t see very well doesn’t mean it’s OK to do a half-assed job.
• How fun it is to conjure up bold ideas.

Will routinely kicks it on the dance floor. His signature move is called “The Low Creep,” though he’s not exactly sure what it is or how it happens. It has been described by amused (appalled?) onlookers as a bit like throwing dice while surfing. If it feels good, do it!

Will loves his co-workers, and considers it a true privilege to partner with them to build a company that creates rich, life-changing experiences, and that will be here long after his time is up. That’s Will’s career objective in a nutshell.

Here is some writing he is kinda proud of:

Removing Boundaries

Let Our People Go Camping