Welcome to Art Camp



Nestled deep in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a place unlike any other… The Odalvi Center for Artistic Practice.

It’s a mecca for artists from around the globe and hosts classes in woodworking, metals, photography, and painting, to name a few. Ask any of the students and they’ll tell you the same. “It’s like something drew us all here, you know?”

But what?

Our story is one of mystery, suspense and the absurd. In the vein of Shaun of the Dead or Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, we’ll introduce an unexpected twist on genre tropes and conventions, all while skewering the idea of “the artist.” Our heroes are flawed fish-out-of-water types, surrounded by walking clichés at a school where people go missing when they don’t clean the paintbrushes properly.

Welcome to Art Camp.


Art Camp started as an internal initiative to produce original content. Will Feichter, President of Myriad Media, dreamed of producing original content and tapped the team to start kicking around ideas.

“Our intention with Art Camp was simple—make a video we love. It wasn’t always easy or fun. It was hard to constantly juggle around client projects or be on the edge of learning new lessons unique to original content. However, the entire experience was priceless. Art Camp, with all its quirks and chills, is absolutely something we love.”

      – Will Feichter

After many rounds of brainstorming, we landed on the idea for Art Camp.

The project was shot on location at The Penland School of Craft, an isolated art school where director Spike Hoban took a 2-week glass blowing class a number of years ago. His experience there served as the inspiration for the story.

“The time I spent there is hard to describe. You develop a feeling of community, comradery, and belonging. It almost felt cult-like, where everyone is solely focused on one thing, their art. Everyone supported each other in the mission to push their craft and everything else fell away.”

      – Spike Hoban

It was a memorable shoot: 5 days of production with early morning mountain time lapses and late night, whiskey fueled jam sessions.

NYC Film Incubator

While in post production, we applied for a program with IFP, the Independent Filmmaker Project, in NYC.  We had an incredible experience one year earlier when Tea Time with Alex, Myriad’s sassy, transgender educational series, was accepted into their Spotlight on Documentaries program.

“We help independent creators from around the world develop new projects, connect within the industry and champion collaborative and impactful storytelling at all stages.” 

 – IFP

We were lucky enough to be asked back to participate in their Screen Forward Labs, a year long incubator that had us pitching one-on-one to executives at major TV networks and digital platforms.

Throughout the experience, our team attended a week long workshop, 10+ industry meetings, multiple screenings, and a pitch session. Spike and writer Brent Edwards pitched to industry experts from MTV, AMC, and Sundance TV, among others.

Current State

After coming back to NC, we finalized a series bible, pilot script, trailer, and an 8 minute long proof of concept. We’re actively searching for a production partner to help take the series forward.

The world of Art Camp is perfectly mysterious and absurd, and we’re ready to bring it to life.