IBM Bluemix BB-8


IBM Bluemix

At the end of 2015, we partnered with IBM to create a short video to support IBM Bluemix and The Internet of Things.

The project came together very quickly. Our team had a conversation with the client on Wednesday and was awarded the job on Thursday. We then began planning the creative on Friday. That weekend, director Spike Hoban boarded a plane to London for the shoot, which occurred on IBM’s Hursley Park campus in Winchester. He only had one day to swallow his jet lag before the shoot on Monday. Using the force, indeed!

The video coincided with the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and highlighted IBM cloud’s ability to help developers quickly build applications that power smart objects. Joshua Carr, a lead engineer at IBM, paired Emotiv Insight, a consumer headset that reads brainwaves, with IBM’s Internet of Things services on Bluemix to create a Sphero BB-8 Droid he could control with his mind.

Our goal was to create an emotional connection with our audience and tell a fun, interesting story with a quirky vibe.

“They are doing training across the world and BB-8 is being used universally as an example of ‘this is how it’s done’. It is considered to be one of the best pieces of content created anywhere in the company from all of last year. I want you and the team that worked on this to know that the work is loved and admired in basically all corners of the company.” —Bryan Casey, Product Marketing, IBM Bluemix

The video was a hit online and within IBM audiences. It was shown to 21,000 attendees at the massive IBM Interconnect conference in Las Vegas, N.V., and is now being used as a media training tool throughout IBM.

The story was picked up by Business Insider, Quartz, CNET and other major news outlets, resulting in thousands of shares and over 120,000 views on the original video.