Citrix ShareFile


Care How You Share

Regardless of the business or industry you’re in, file sharing is now nearly as ubiquitous as email.

Citrix, the multi-national software company, realizes the way we share has a big impact on how we are perceived by our customers and partners.

File sharing software can be overwhelming for clients if they are not tech-savvy, so ShareFile offers a stress-free experience, focused on ease of use. They’re also a modern company targeted to small and mid-sized business, so Citrix was able to take a creative approach to promoting their product.

Pitch, Citrix’s creative agency, approached us with a unique project to illustrate this concept: a series of Citrix’s first-ever video ads for ShareFile.

By equating file sharing with basic business etiquette, this three-spot series takes a humorous approach to sharing, while also positioning Citrix ShareFile as the defacto industry standard for the secure sharing, syncing, and storage of files.

The project was a great opportunity for us to partner with Citrix ShareFile, a like-minded company that recently completed construction on its downtown Raleigh headquarters, and whose personalized and easy-to-use software is growing exponentially.

With scripts in place from Pitch, we were tasked with bringing them to life. Translating comedy from script to screen, especially in a :15 or :30 timeframe, is no easy feat—thankfully, our directors are really good at it.

To ensure the highest degree of success–and the funniest possible videos–our director implemented a special process for pre-production and production that included the talents of well-trained improvisational comedy performers.

Trusting our hired talent, we encouraged our actors to explore beyond the script. Operating within established narrative parameters, our team of writers and performers took an iterative approach that gave the added benefit of providing a broad range of options for the editing phase.

Core components of the process included:
• Workshopping scenes with the cast
• Exploring script beats and variations
• Allowing for playful experimentation

Before the shoot days, we decided on the funniest scenarios and then storyboarded each spot. One of our own copywriters, Brent Edwards, even appears as talent in one of the spots. You can see his handsome mug in the viewfinder, below:

Instead of going the traditional broadcast route, our client opted for a new social-digital approach with a large media buy on Youtube. The three finished spots were deployed as pre-roll in both :15 and :30 versions. This campaign is a great example of traditional broadcast quality meeting the bite-size, shareable media landscape of today.

The spots were featured in Adweek’s Agency Spy. They’ve racked up two million collective views on YouTube.