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Cloud Factory

Have you ever thought about big data? Like really thought about it.

Try wrapping your head around the concept of all the data in this world. Kinda makes your head hurt, doesn’t it?

That kind of headache is what data startup, CloudFactory, wanted to avoid. They wanted a new video to explain how they use human intervention to tackle the big data needs of machine learning.

Director Adam Zammiello decided we needed a little art to get into this science. As he began concepting, he discovered the hot world of dice and Rubik’s Cube art.

In these murals of dice and cubes, Adam saw the dynamics of big data. The Rubik’s Cubes are a way for us to see billions of configurations in our hands, a way to hold the possibilities of big data.

The idea became clear – show CloudFactory workers configuring Rubik’s Cubes to create an assembled, cohesive image that could not have been made without humans. They would literally create the big picture.

It was an idea the client took to almost immediately.

“The whole reason to come to a provider like Myriad, frankly, is the creative. The execution is important, but the idea is so vital.” – Keisha McKenzie, VP of Marketing & Strategy, CloudFactory

To get this project in motion, there were a lot of questions. How big would the final mural be? How many of these cubes would we need? Where do we get that many Rubik’s Cubes? What does each cube need to look like to make the big picture? Who was going to spin them around to the right combinations?

It was time to bring in Brittain Peck. We handed him an image of the mural we had in mind for the closing scene, and he made the magic happen. He pixelated the image and created a detailed and intricate Rubik’s Cube grid for us to follow.

In searching for a cost-effective way to get the 1000 Rubik’s Cubes we needed, Producer Drew Grimes stumbled on a leasing program. Before we knew it, the Myriad office was filled with boxes of borrowed Rubik’s Cubes.

Then we needed manpower. Creative Director Max Zampieri, Drew, and Brittain recruited friends, family, and even folks from social media to help twist and turn over 1000 cubes into just the right configurations.

We very carefully moved each cube – labeled with a sticky note – from our office to the 15th floor of the Dillon in downtown Raleigh. With a clear view of the city skyline, we assembled the final Rubik’s Cube mural… and then we took it apart.

The production plan was to begin with the final shot and move backwards. So we had to pay very close attention to every move we made.

“We had to exercise an overabundance of caution, because once we broke the mural apart and started playing with the cubes, there was no going back.” – Adam Zammiello, Director

From pre-production to the shoot day to final file delivery, the team wanted to create a successful video for a client open to telling a technical story in a unique and abstract way. And it worked: the video had over 10,000 views in two weeks across social channels.

“I feel good that we achieved many of the goals we set in the beginning. It was clear Myriad did their homework.” – Keisha McKenzie, VP of Marketing & Strategy, CloudFactory