Dix Park Hype Video


Dorothea Dix Park - A Park for Everyone

The creation of Dix Park is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a 300 acre urban park in the heart of Raleigh and become a transformative public space for the community.

The vision of ‘A Park for Everyone, Built by Everyone’ was expressed through a vibrant and cinematic narrative.

As the park started their initial planning phases, the Dorothea Dix Park team wanted to connect with Raleigh citizens, engaging them in the process to make their opinions known. The creative direction for the video was to position the park as a place for children and adults to escape the routine of everyday life and reinvigorate their spirit.

Experience. Dream. Engage. These three terms guided our direction to design a video made to build the buzz, introduce the park to the community, and excite them to get involved, both short-term and long-term.

Through a combination of helmet cam, steadicam, and hand-held techniques, we filmed the park to show the personal perspective and energy that is constantly an integral part of a large park. On a daily basis, the park is full of residents playing soccer, having picnics, flying kites and having a game of fetch with their pup.

To expand the park’s attempt to reach as much of the public as possible during the planning process, we created a short micromedia version for the park to use at planning meetings and on social media.

As well, we filmed unicorns and other scenes around the park in 360 video for residents who have never visited the park to experience it virtually at planning meetings.

Check out more VR videos and photos of the experiential booth from Raleigh’s SPARKcon event.