Google Fiber


When Google Fiber announced that it was coming to Raleigh in 2016, the town was abuzz. Everyone wanted that super-fast internet! But, it took several months for the Fiber team to remodel their headquarters in a former Italian restaurant in a central part of town. Part of that restoration included working with a local artist, Victor Knight III, to create a colorful mural to represent the city. As with Fiber’s other locations, the mural would be used in their opening celebrations.

Google reached out to Media Strategist Jedidiah Gant and his Raleigh Murals Project for guidance on the project. With the help of team Myriad, we guided the Fiber team through the mural and video production process. Thankfully, they let us capture the entire thing on video!



The timelapse and b-roll footage was shot on a Sony FS700 and several Go Pros over two days. Now, the video is shown as part of the informational display in the Google Fiber space. Additionally, the video received significant engagement online, with more than 14,000 views, 400 engagements, and a reach of 50,000 people.