IBM – Cloud Services


IBM Cloud Services

Developing a brand personality through client collaboration? We got this.

When you think of cloud services, you think Amazon, Google, Microsoft – not necessarily IBM. We were asked to change that.

The task was set: create a relatable video that positions IBM as a cloud migration expert. One small problem, their brand messaging was still in the works.

Because their messaging was still being created, we worked together to determine the personality for this piece. Ever-evolving content meant close collaboration to ensure we were on top of every change as it happened.

There were in-depth working sessions over the phone and even a trip to New York City to work in the office, side-by-side with our clients. We had a seat at the table for all creative and strategic development. Embedding our creative with their teams led to discoveries that pushed the vision for this video forward.

Deciding on a personality was one thing, but then we had to bring that to life. In order to truly capture the busy working environment of these characters, we used an actual office, HQ Raleigh, where our only option was to shoot overnight.

“We always kept an open mind, working through this new process, figuring out ways to accommodate the needs of the client [and the project], and it really helped the end result.” – Max Zampieri, Co-Director

Call times were an unusual 4:00 p.m. and we wrapped at approximately 4 a.m. each night – the perfect time to see stragglers wandering from Raleigh’s Hopscotch music festival happening down the street.

Challenge after challenge came our way on this shoot, but with the right amount of caffeine, we got this.