IBM – Digital Workplace Services


IBM - Digital Workplace Services

Small details build the bigger picture

IBM Digital Workplace Services wanted to stand out in a sea of monotonous content. Their product helps IT leaders (big inhale) solve complex puzzles by using AI, analytics, automation, and a variety of bundled services to see the bigger picture while managing the security, complexity, and health of every individual piece. In other words – there was a lot to say about this product.

After diving into strategy and brainstorming, we landed on a concept to express the value propositions of the product and stand out from the crowd.

The key was subtlety.

We started with our host speaking about the product without over-the-top, distracting visuals. Then created three different, minimal scenes within the same set, allowing him to walk through an office, a beach, and a living room in one seamless scene. A beach chair, umbrella, and the sweet sounds of seagulls and crashing waves take viewers to the beach, while a few lines of bilingual dialogue transport our audience to Argentina.

From day one they came up with really good ideas and a hunger to make those ideas even better. – Adam Kleiner, Creative Director, IBM

Representing geographical areas and other concepts in a simplistic and minimal fashion really allowed us to focus on the messaging. – Sean Riddle, Producer

A simple Rubik’s cube was used in the opening scene to represent IBM as the IT puzzle master. No matter how complex the problem, IBM can figure it out.

Our attention to detail was in full gear for this piece. The beach chair, the Rubik’s cube, even our final shot showing the bigger picture – they all work together to paint the picture of IBM’s larger message. For a product that has a lot to explain, sometimes the smallest of details can help tell its larger story.