IBM – Every Second Counts


IBM - Every Second Counts

Leaning into the tension of cyber security to create award winning work.

Cybersecurity is key to enterprise level businesses today. Security breaches are becoming the norm, and on average, companies lose $3.92 million in each instance. That’s why IBM wanted to create a video explaining the seriousness of the situation, showing how their products prepare every company to be “worst case ready.”

We began by brainstorming with IBM Originals team. We discussed several approaches but felt a pull toward creating a scenario focusing on the tension of a data breach.

Director Spike Hoban (center) and 2nd AD Melissa Douglas (right) on set - Photo by Kyle Messina

Director Spike Hoban (center) and 2nd AD Melissa Douglas (right) on set - Photo by Kyle Messina

Our goal was to create something interesting and dramatic, but still grounded in reality. – Spike Hoban, Director

We wanted to write a narrative dramatization that wouldn’t make IT workers roll their eyes. This led to a heavy amount of scripting to create something both compelling and realistic. We focused on the humans at the center of the story, talking to consultants and SMEs until we explored every detail of our bank breach story. The narrative short film that resulted tells the story of a team solving a potentially detrimental cyber attack.

When it came time for production, we had an intricate project with detailed shot lists and multiple locations. But one of those locations became our main challenge.

A large part of this video takes place in an IT security center, and believe it or not, it wasn’t easy to find a real security center that would allow a large video crew to disrupt operations for a few days. Bummer.

Instead, we created a security center in our very own office space. Building the center from scratch meant we had every necessary piece in place.




Going from production to post, we turned to shows we love like “Mr. Robot” to inspire a final look-and-feel as we cut together a long-form narrative to truly resonate with our audience.

We learned that if you infuse thought leadership with emotion, you can drive greater results. Leaning into the tension of the subject matter led to better engagement. – Michael Fasciano, Editor-in-Chief, Global Technology Services and CIO Marketing, IBM

We relied on our instincts and resourcefulness for the creativity and production of the video. It was loved not only by our client, but also by tech journals, IBMers, and judges at multiple awards, including a Bronze Telly Award: Branded Video – B2B, and two Hermes Creative Platinum Awards for Marketing Service Video and for Digital Marketing Campaign.