IBM – Tech Support Services


IBM - Technical Support Services

Collaborating with the client to build on an already successful campaign.

When IBM saw the success of our recent collaboration on their Cloud Services video, they wanted to try out a similar approach for Technology Support Services (TSS).

We began building upon our previous video campaign – starting with direct collaboration with the TSS client to develop the story. We collaborated in an agile manner, with weekly stand ups and a slack channel that housed all communication.

All the creative people between IBM and Myriad quickly built a relationship. As we got deeper into the project, it was just one team. We had each other’s back.

Just a good example of collaborating for the best of the project.

– Michael Fasciano, Editor-in-Chief, IBM Originals

Out of our collaborative conversations came the desire for a specific visual. One that would not only enhance the overall production value, but also leave a lasting impression that IBM is a powerful player in technology support services.

Enter, the server room.

We went into pre-production building on what we knew: The crew on the previous shoot was great – book ‘em again. Talking to the camera was effective – let’s amp that up a bit.

Building off the previous campaign, we felt extra prepared when production kicked off. It made for a stress-free shoot, which, let’s be honest, isn’t always realistic.

We brought on the right people, found the right talent, used the right location, prepped the shoot with the last one in mind. Everything ran smoothly. – Sean Riddle, Producer

In recognizing what previously worked well and what could be improved, we strengthened our client relationship and made a successful video that was aired at the company’s largest event of the year – IBM Think.

Yeah, we got this.