IBM Watson IOT


IBM Watson IOT: ­​Dinosaur Island

The Internet of Things is radically changing the way businesses operate and how people interact with the physical world. The IBM Watson IoT Platform makes use of cognitive APIs, so that developers can build apps that can learn from the physical world.

This allows developers to infuse new intelligence into products, services, and processes of all kinds—like dinosaurs!

We worked with IBM to create a video highlighting the Watson IoT Platform and its wide range of capabilities. To do so, we structured the video around an interview with IBM master inventor, Andy Stanford-Clark, explaining how the platform can be used for industrial automation.

We traveled to Blackgang Chine, the UK’s oldest amusement park, to watch Andy explain his robotic dinosaur and how cognitive technology was incorporated into a theme park dinosaur display.



You might notice a few similarities between Andy and his contemporary in “Jurassic Park,” like the blue-and-red wardrobe choice, and several sweeping shots meant to mimic the cinematography of the classic film. Even the iconic “rippling glass of water” makes an appearance—but ironically, our interviewee had never seen “Jurrasic Park” before!

Each element of the video—including these shots—helps shape an atmosphere of intrigue and possibility. The audio and visuals are crafted to instill a sense of wonder, mystery, and excitement around the future of IoT and cognitive technology.

All was captured over two days of shooting: One rainy day at IBM’s Hursley location, and one windy day on the Isle of Wight.

While shooting, we got to work with some fun equipment, like a powerful fog machine and projector to bring the mysterious dinosaurs to life, plus sliders, gimbals, and drones to create the sweeping, cinematic shots of the lush park setting. The aerials were shot on a Phantom 3 professional.

After the initial release, the video has enjoyed 20,000 views through IBM’s Youtube channel alone.