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IBM - Do You Know Watson?

We worked with our longtime friends at IBM to create a special film about their evolving Watson technology.

The project was screened for more than 1,000 guests at the two-day World of Watson event in Brooklyn, New York, to provide a special introduction to the Watson conference.

To motivate attendees for the day’s discussions, the film needed to be informative and inspiring, concise and captivating, as well as take advantage of the facility’s enormous, 48-foot-wide LED screen.


Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

For starters, the timeline was a challenge. The Myriad team was given less than four weeks to research, script, and produce the project. Director Fabian Marquez wrote a “straw-man” script with the direction of the client, which was then quickly developed.

Our 11-person production team wasted no time planning shots, scouting locations at IBM’s gorgeous NYC facility and in nearby bustling intersections.

We decided on a combination of medium and wide-angle shots to guarantee every speaker a unique presentation, with dynamic interior environments to match the Watson technology. These scenes were paired with busy streetscapes shot using a RED Dragon camera and Ronin stabilizer, which added rhythm and movement to the piece. Portraying the city in motion was especially important for creating the sense of rapid evolution reflective of Watson. To ensure a powerful viewing experience for those at the conference, we filmed every shot in grand 6K resolution.

Matt Hollis led our production team in New York, completing the shoot in only three days before sending the footage back to Myriad HQ for editing. Squeezing such a complex shoot into three days was challenging, but by dividing the shoots among different crews and taking every opportunity to shoot b-roll between scheduled takes, we stayed right on track.

Next came post, which was fitted to its own expedited schedule. Editorial was handled by Daniel Cook and Marshall Alderman headed up color grading.

With less than a week until the conference, the editorial team worked to accommodate several changes requested by the client.

With every last-minute change, unused footage was cut and graded from scratch, and music re-scored, making our race against the clock that much more eventful. Due to the diligence of our editing team (and willingness to forego amenities such as sleep and nutrition), the final, conformed video was sent confidently from our office to the client with less than 24 hours to spare.

Our video opened Day Two of #worldofwatson in Brooklyn

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