Iconic Charm

You’re not likely to travel more than a few blocks in downtown Raleigh without finding a Jim Jackson mark.

While the local signmaker brings attention to our city’s unique shops and restaurants, who brings attention to the signmaker? We’re proud to tell the story of Artcraft, a small company opened by Jimmy Weaver in 1933. 76 years later, Jim Jackson took over the shop, breathing new life into the business while still creating signs the old-fashioned way.

Jim’s love of design and passion for the craft resonates in every Artcraft sign around the city. After a series of interviews, we created this short documentary about Jim’s work. We spent several days the shop, watching Jim craft the iconic imagery that decorates the Raleigh landscape in neon and metal.

Especially interesting was the extensive history of the Hillsborough Street location—details like old paint on the floors and Jim’s personal collection of vintage signs—which really shined in the finished piece.

Fun fact: At 0:37, keep an eye out for the hand-carved, painted and gilded sign made by Jim’s father, Tracey Jackson, who inspired him to get into the sign business as a young man.

And now a moment of Zen.

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Guys from Artcraft skated over to screen the video we just cut for them. #shreddin'

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