Lenovo Hub 700



A problem-solving team showcases a problem-solving product.

When Lenovo approached Clean Design Inc, an advertising agency in Raleigh, with a need for a short and upbeat video series for their new ThinkSmart Hub 700 audio hub device, they turned to us for the technical expertise and support needed to get the job done.

The task seemed simple – create three matching, but also unique sets. Each workplace scene was assigned a vibrant color to use when decorating the set.

“The art department was extremely important… It was fun to experiment with so many props in bold colors.” – Melissa Douglas, 2nd Assistant Director

Once we had our props together, we needed walls to match the bold look we envisioned. But painting the entire set wasn’t an option. It took a few conversations with our client, gaffer, and one another before the solution was clear.

“Instead of painting the walls with actual paint, we painted the walls with light.” – Max Zampieri, DP

With some special lighting kits and techniques, the crew “painted” each scene with LED Skypanels to match the client’s original vision. We creatively problem-solved and accommodated last second changes by doing what we do best – thinking differently and making it happen.