NCMA – Find Yourself


NCMA - Find Yourself

Crafting a brand story for the heart of Raleigh’s creative community.

The North Carolina Museum of Art is a place for families, art enthusiasts, art novices, and early morning joggers. It’s a fixture of culture and creativity in Raleigh. They needed a brand video to showcase their unique makeup of art, nature and people, and turned to us to start brainstorming.

To tell the right story, we got to know the people behind the exhibits and installations using some Human Centered Design techniques. We attended staff meetings, took walks through the gallery, and attended events with our own families to discover the details at the heart of the museum and its campus.

After several brainstorms and creative concepts, we landed on showing the variety of experiences museum-goers can have in a single day. At the NCMA people tune into their sound, discover their unique flavor, and, ultimately, they’re finding themselves.

“Find Yourself at NCMA” became our anthem.

“The North Carolina Museum of Art has always been a large part of our local culture. The museum is a second home to North Carolina’s creative class.” – Jedidiah Gant, Creative Lead

From a punk funk musician/dancer to a graphic artist/hip hop artist, we enlisted members of Raleigh’s creative community to truly represent the spirit of the museum. To capture the expansive nature of the experiences, we spread our shoot across the museum’s campus.

Outside we shot the beautiful nature of the campus by zipping our equipment around on golf carts. Inside we followed human interaction with the galleries while holding our breath – our gear was pretty damn close to some priceless works of art.

In the end, it turned out to be more than a brand video. It became the human story of an integral part of the Raleigh community.

At a staff meeting, a colleague reported she had tears in her eyes watching the video.”

                                                                   – Karlie Marlow, NCMA Marketing Director

While the video has thousands of views on the NCMA’s YouTube channel, that emotional response is what counts as success in our book.