New Reveille – Hounds


New Reveille - Hounds

Experimenting with new techniques while supporting an employee’s passion.

When Daniel, Myriad Director and Editor, isn’t busy on a client project, he’s busy writing tunes for his band New Reveille. The band released their new album, ‘The Keep’, in 2018 and wanted a music video for lead single, “Hounds” to kick off the album’s release. Daniel is a creative force, and we saw this as an opportunity to support his music and make something fresh.

“Hounds” was a chance to play with new ideas we’ve seen and wanted to try. After listening to the song and talking with the band, we decided to go in the direction of being chased – starting from the opening cello run.

The Hounds logo starts center screen and flies at the viewer. It’s an idea that was inspired by its use in Stranger Things. The graphic sets the tone for the video – there’s something dark chasing the band.

We had a small budget and we were literally confined to a small box that was an empty old warehouse. It was a great way to practice visual storytelling without much to work with. We tried some different techniques with lighting and camera movement to make the most of the space. – Spike Hoban, Director

We played with different technical approaches to achieve this theme, but relied heavily on the Steadicam. So much so that our DP had to lay on the sidewalk to recover… (Sorry, Kyle.)

Using the Steadicam, we focused on long camera movements that pushed in on the band, especially lead singer Amy Kamm. Those shots raise the tension, bringing to life the feeling of being chased.

We ended up shooting the whole song over and over again so we could have a ton of options in post instead of making the decisions on set. The band must have played the whole song 50 times – Melissa Douglas, Assistant Director

This music video was a fun reminder to get back to what we love. Myriad has a history of supporting some of our favorite local musicians. We’ve always used these projects to experiment on set to enhance skills that can later be used on enterprise-level work. (e.g. See “Morris” by Mez: running a seamless shot from the interior to the exterior of a house, through an open window, and down the side of the historic Mecca Restaurant in Downtown Raleigh.)

Taking the time to play allowed us to explore new techniques and create wins for all of the creators. Learn more about New Reveille and be prepared to get “Hounds” stuck in your head for the next week.