Pendo – Masters of Craft


Pendo: Masters of Craft Series

Telling the stories of our product-led community.

When software company, Pendo, was planning their biggest event of the year, they took the opportunity to brag about their city and its entrepreneurs.

Pendo’s direction was clear – celebrate Raleigh businesses that exhibit a “product-led” mentality as masters of their craft –  which we did in a 3 part video series.

To be product-led, employees have to do more than push what they’re selling. They have to be dedicated to creating a superior product.

It’s not about selling to people or getting into stores. It’s about the passion to hire good people who are excited about what they’re creating. – Sean Riddle, Producer

With a few places in mind we pulled out the old notepad and started making lists, which turned into sub-lists: food, art, retail, music, and more. We whittle the selections until we had our feature businesses – Escazu, Arrowhead, and Raleigh Denim. Dessert, furniture, and fashion.

Each interview had the same goal – get at the heart of these businesses. What excites them about making chocolate? When did they first fall in love with woodworking? By getting past the business to focus on their craft, the interviews themselves became product-led.

That video was just amazing – the quality of the imagery, the feeling you got with every shot, it was just really, really great. – Laura Baverman, Director of Communications, Pendo

But the project wasn’t over yet. In addition to the overarching story, we also had three individual stories with compelling messages of their own. We turned the stories in a 3 part series we call “Masters of Craft.”

At Myriad, we place a lot of importance on supporting local businesses. It’s important to foster that community and be good neighbors. Our product-led passions drive our product-led community, and that creates the kind of community we want to be a part of.

It says something when you work with the best companies in your city. When you can become the go-to video producer in your community, there’s a lot of confidence and pride in that. – Will Feichter, President, Myriad Media