Pendo – Pendomonium 2019


Pendo - Pendomonium 2019

Inspiring audiences with the passion of being product-led.

Not long ago, we noticed a new kid on the block. The street was a little busier and… more pink?

The software company Pendo moved into an office building across the street and immediately caught the attention of our President, Will Feichter. He’d walk past the headquarters, see Pendozers in their t-shirts, and think, that’s the kind of company I want to work with. It seemed like a no-brainer. Pendo and Myriad share similar values when it comes to high-quality work and commitment to customers, so it could be a natural fit for collaboration.

We find that when we work with a truly authentic company made of good people, we’re able to do our best work. – Will Feichter, President, Myriad Media

With Pendomonium 2019, Pendo’s annual user conference, we got our chance. Pendomonium is the company’s largest event of the year, and they wanted to set the tone for each day by opening with inspiring videos.

The conference’s theme was “Product-Led.” To be product-led means letting your product drive the company; the entire customer journey is within the product.

It’s a mentality. It’s about doing everything in your business, from A to Z, with the customer’s needs at the forefront. – Max Zampieri, Director

Being product-led starts with dedication to your craft. That goes for all trades from software developers to woodworkers to artisanal chocolate makers. With this in mind, we centered one video on local businesses with a strong product and passion for what they create.

Our list of Raleigh business owners was whittled down to three craft masters: Danielle Centeno, Co-Owner and Head Chocolatier at Escazu Chocolate, Justin Johnson, Co-Owner of Arrowhead, and Victor Lytvinenko, Principal and Lead Designer of Raleigh Denim.

It honored the people in the room. They saw themselves as the makers in the video, and it captured the attention of the whole room. – Laura Baverman, Director of Communications, Pendo

We wanted their stories to connect with the audience. It was important for the developers to see themselves in the passion of these artisans. By allowing the craft master to talk candidly, simply telling the story of why they love what they do, we created a relatable story for everyone in the audience.

When we highlight real people in our community, it’s easy to tell stories that create connection and that we can be proud of.