Red Hat


People-Powered Billboard

Red Hat is founded on the core notion that technology thrives when people are free to share ideas and build upon the work of others.

In their words, “creation is always an act of collaboration.” With the help of ad agency, Baldwin&, Red Hat designed an active installation in the city center. Named the “People-Powered Billboard,” the 14 by 50-foot platform illustrates the company’s strong belief in the power of collaboration.

We’ve collaborated with Red Hat on many projects over the years, so when Baldwin& approached us as a production partner, Myriad was ready to roll. Our production team was tapped to create a short, behind-the-scenes documentary, including creative concepting, production, and post on an incredible 48-hour turnaround.

Myriad’s director, Ryan Shelley, and producer, Shawn Lamons, were on-hand to guide the production team to capture as much of the event as possible. The crew had to move quickly and without error, due to the live nature of the event. Shelley says his team did as much pre-pro as possible, including stationing an editor at the Myriad Media studio two blocks away to edit footage that was shot throughout the day.

The billboard, which was staffed by Red Hat volunteers and leaders of organizations that collaborate with the Triangle, included 63 people seated on a 17-foot-tall “people stacker.” It was live for two one-hour periods starting a noon and 5 p.m. and installed in parallel with the All Things Open software conference, held in the city’s convention center.

“Red Hat brings people together to build software, but this is the first time we’ve brought people together in a live collaboration installation of this size,” says Paula Weigel, corporate brand development and brand manager at Red Hat. It was an exercise in collaboration, or as the company puts it, “The Mastery of the Many.”

Myriad Media acted as a partner, shooting time-lapse, sorting through hours of footage, and capturing the emotion of the event with stationary and drone camera footage. Our minute-and-a-half video of the event was then shared on Red Hat’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

We were able to leverage the years of experience that Myriad has creating content for the web and social, and make this project happen on a very tight timeline. Additionally, our integrated model of in-house producers, directors, and editors gave us the necessary flexibility and team members needed to make it happen.

After the event, the People-Powered Billboard was featured as an Editor’s Pick on Creativity Online.

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