The Weather Company


The Weather Company

The Weather Company leveraged one of the largest Internet of Things (IoT) platforms in the world to provide critical weather data to millions of people in currently underserved areas.

In 2001, Weather Underground (WU), a subsidiary of The Weather Company, developed the Personal Weather Station (PWS) Network. Now, with over 250,000 reporting stations across the globe, this network enables The Weather Company to provide hyperlocal forecasts to millions around the world with unprecedented accuracy.

These micromedia videos were used to promote the brand on Instagram and other social media channels.

Each station is equipped with multiple sensors for detecting barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction, and other factors. Greater personal weather station data leads to more precise and enhanced forecasts, which can help governments and communities better anticipate and act on weather conditions.

Weather Underground is collaborating with various local meteorological and government organizations to provide 100 personal weather stations where they may be most beneficial based on population density, web connectivity, current infrastructure gaps, and exposure to unique severe weather challenges. With these criteria in mind and as part of IBM’s philanthropic Smarter Cities Challenge program, Santiago, Chile and Vizag, India will be among the first cities in the program to receive personal weather station donations.