In November of 2016, with the presidential and local races heating up, we created #VoteRaleigh. Based on the belief that voting should be easily available and accessible to all citizens, we encouraged locals to celebrate voter turnout as a point of pride.

The campaign consisted of a 12 x 12 mobile mural that reimagined the “I voted” sticker through a localized lens. It hung on the side of a prominent downtown business throughout early voting until Election Day (Oct. 20 through Nov. 8).

On Nov. 8, we partnered with nonprofit Democracy NC to hand out 10,000 miniature sticker versions and 500 buttons outside of select polling places in Raleigh, N.C.



In addition to the mural and stickers, we created a substantial digital campaign, including a short promotional video. We encouraged voters to share their own stories using the hashtag #VoteRaleigh. Community enthusiasm for the campaign resulted in t-shirts, a community “run to the polls,” and several parades in downtown Raleigh.

The video resulted in 22,000 views with over 100 shares on social media. The #VoteRaleigh hashtag has had over 1,500 engagements so far and will be used in future election seasons to come.